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Benefits Of Having A 3CX Solution

Benefits of having a 3CX Solution

Are you considering to upgrade your PBX to just another Hardware Based / Appliance PBX, you will have another box coming your way and be stuck with another service provider for the next 5 years.

Telecommunications has evolved and so should you in order to keep up with the competition!

3CX is the solution to break free from conventional PBX providers and appliances. Here is why…


Video Calling to and from client via 3CX Webmeeting and WebRTC

Quickly and Simply Create Video Calls to Colleagues, Clients or Friends using your Internet Connection with 3CX Webmeeting and Google Chrome. No 3rd party downloads or “adding” contacts onto your personal Skype or related accounts.


Personalized Greeting via Integrated Phonebook

Personalize your greeting when a VIP client phones in by greeting your important clients by name, rather than a standard greeting. 3CX can display the client name instead of their number, enabling the person touch from the start.


Interbranch Connectivity and Transferring from one number

3CX connects branches and offices in different locations, operating as if they were one branch, sharing 1 extension list, transferring, recalling and operating as a single PBX, all without generating additional call costs while improving professionalism. Work from home has never been more controlled than with 3CX.


Call Recording

Call Recording is a standard feature on 3CX. No 3rd party Hardware or Software and Licensing required. Out of the box, all calls are stored and recorded, and easily retrievable.


Software Based not Appliance ie no 5 year reinvestment required

3CX is a software based PBX, installed on a Server. 3CX is designed to be a long term investment with no breakable moving parts. Replacing a PC is far more cost effective, faster and more readily available than replacing an appliance / hardware based PBX in the event of hardware failure. No Cards, configurations or minimal “emergency” service.


Scalable with no limitations, unlimited extensions

3CX grows with your company. 3CX has no per user or per extension licensing. Need more extensions? No problem, just add them.


Integrated Instant Messaging system

3CX softphones has an integrated Instant Messaging platform. No more personal whatsapp notifications. Remove Emailing of messages taken by switchboard, replace that with an IM, that goes to the PC or Mobile Softphone.


Open Standards Vendor Independent

3CX does not tie you into certain hardware or vendor platforms. Legacy / Appliance based systems locks you into a vendor, forcing you to use them till you upgrade. 3CX is vendor and hardware neutral.


Inhouse Management of 3CX

Your In-House IT or IT literate Staff can do front line management of 3CX, doing away with expensive call outs for trivial changes, with no need for extensive Telecoms knowledge.


Easily Backup and Restore a 3CX

3CX is backed up as any other file would be backed up stored. Should the 3CX PC crash, download and upload the configuration of 3CX onto any other PC and continue as you did before. No specialized card configurations required.


TMS – Telephone Management System

3CX has a built in TMS with automated Billing Reports, no 3rd party TMS software required to keep track of your call costs. 3CX does it for you, and emails it to you.


User Presence on PC and Mobile Softphones

Tired of Extension lists on excel sheets and papers all over, emailed to you every month when people leave? 3CX presence shows you a live screen of every extension on your softphone. Even easier, right click and call the extension you want to dial.


User Status

Leaving the office, busy preparing for that big meeting or on lunch? Set your status on your Softphone so others, not just the switchboard, can see youre not available to take any calls, and prevent clients bouncing around unnecessarily.

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