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great customer service

How do you achieve great customer service?

How rare is great customer service these days? Although I can’t tell you an accurate amount, I am pretty sure you would agree it is not that easy to find. In fact it is actually really scarce. Why is it “acceptable” that sub-par service delivery is the norm? I would like to go out on a limb and say that it is not acceptable. We recognise that this is a general problem these days, and at Oculus IP, we make a great effort to achieve great customer service.

What constitutes great customer service?

It’s simple really, when you want help, you should be able to get it. It should be easy to get it aswell, and the process should not be as, or even more frustrating as the problem you are trying to solve. We have all experienced calling a call centre and holding for over a half an hour before getting answered only to be told you need to call a different call centre because you have reached the wrong department. starting the same process again with the same result, over and over again. Or when you call back and never speak to the same person again, and explaining the whole situation from start to finish every time.

I think that strikes a nerve in all of us.

How does Oculus IP ensure great customer service delivery?

Our friendly support agents get to know the clients and and become familiarised with the end users. It is usual practice for us that clients ask for our support agents by name. We follow a strict SLA guide system where we assess the problem and categorise it in its severity level, applying a timeline to the case. All before you have finished your cup of coffee. From this point we approach the problem as a team in a “Pitstop” like fashion. Everyone doing their part in the most efficient way to set you on your way again.

Realistically, I know perfect service is perhaps a pipe dream, but great service isn’t. This is why at Oculus IP, we make a great effort to give you the best possible experience if you ever need our assistance.

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