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Network Operations Centre – The Unseen Heroes

Network Operations Centre – The Unseen Heroes

For us at Oculus IP, it is very important that our customers understand exactly what happens behind the scenes at our Head Office. We would like to bring to light the unseen heroes of our company that allows this machine to run at core level – Our IP engineers in the Oculus IP NOC.

We like to refer to ourselves as IP architects. A simple example can illustrate this. Anyone can draw a house, with a door and a window and even a chimney with a little puff of smoke. An architect draws a house perfectly. Keeping in mind resources needed, structural integrity, design, optimum functionality and beauty. Our IP architects are able to assess a setup with your goal in mind. Not only do we have expertise to envision your solution, but also the skills and knowledge to bring it to life. The Oxford dictionary describes architecture as: “the art or practice of designing and constructing.” This reflects exactly the description of what we do as architects of IP.

The Oculus IP NOC is known as the Network Operations Centre. This is where the network is monitored and maintained, and also ties in closely with network infrastructure design, and customer support. This forms the 3 major pillars of the Oculus IP NOC.

First in line is customer support. They are the people who answer your calls and answer your emails. If you are experiencing any problem or have a query, our technicians will address these and find a feasible solution, quickly. Our customers can attest that they have built relationships with our support team and that we are professional, prompt and personal in comparison to other companies, who outsource to call centres that have no relation to the customers or company. Our support team is familiar with you, your business needs and the details of your network.

If problems are more intricate than they appear and require a higher level of technical expertise, they are escalated to the second line, which is manned by our core technicians and VoIPsmiths. These technicians built and optimised our network, which means that they already know the intricacies of the network like the back of their hand.  This really helps with identifying obstacles and overcoming them. They have also developed an intricate monitoring system keeping tabs on the many facets of this network and its performance – creating a proactive approach. This means that at times, late at night we would receive an alarm of an outage, we will then investigate and dispatch technicians to the site to have it be resolved all before the day even starts.

This is one of the reasons why we have such a highly reputable wireless network, minimising downtime and resulting in a 99.5% uptime guarantee. The last of the three pillars is that our technicians ensure that the network is built and optimised, ensuring that your voice and data traffic routes efficiently. The result is low and stable latency for the best possible performance.

We serve as a single point of contact for your sales, installations and support, providing a more personal experience to you and your company. This reinforces the concept that we don’t close deals, but rather open relationships.

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