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Break free from conventional telephony. COVID-19 SA Resource Portal

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01  Call Transfer

Option 1: Blind Transfer

  1. During a call press the Transfer Key followed by ext no then the Transfer Key

Option 2: Attended Transfer

  1. During a call press the Transfer Key followed by the extention number
  2. Wait for the second party to answer
  3. Announce the caller and hang up

07  Switch Between Calls

Busy with Callee on Line1
Second call comes in on Line2 which will flash
Press Flashing Line2 button to answer call
(Callee on Line1 will be placed on Hold)
Assist person on Line2 and Then
Retrieve first call by pressing Line1 twice

08  Initiate Conference Call

  1. Press Conf soft key during an active call
  2. Enter number of second party, and then press send
  3. Press the Conf soft key again when second party answers: all parties joined in conference
  4. Press the End-call soft key to disconnect
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