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Before we go on and tell you what we’re all about, let us firstly tell you what we’re not about. We’re not a big corporate company where our clients are simply a number in a queue. We’re not a company that overpromises, but then fails on delivery. We’re not the guys that eventually forget about you once you assigned us to take care of your telecommunications needs. We are small enough to recognise our clients as individuals, but big enough to provide you with great service and a one stop shop for all your telecommunications needs.

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If you’re sick and tired of struggling to get hold of a knowledgeable person when you have a connection issue, or if you are fed up with being transferred to multiple people before anything gets resolved, then we are the perfect partner for you.

We pride ourselves on providing professional service and advice for our clients as well as potential clients by giving them the attention they deserve.

Oculus IP Architects is an exciting force in the market and we aim to provide the best VOIP, telephony and data solutions. When you appoint us as your telecommunications service provider, we do just that – we provide a service. Our management team carries several decades of experience, and our sales team and IP architects are a bunch of passionate individuals with remarkable skills.

Our technical team are experts in the field of telecommunications and we do whatever it takes to keep our clients happy and connected. We provide personalised services to suite your business and we will always go the extra mile in order to retain our clients – that’s a promise we will always keep.

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IP Architects

Oculus IP is the ideal partner in telecommunications and data service excellence.

Welcome to The Cloud

to The Cloud

The sky is not the limit, it’s where we go to provide unshackled communications solutions.

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3CX Innovating Communications

Phone System

Setting you free from the shackles of conventional costly, proprietary PBX systems

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Network Operation Center

Network Operations Center

Monitoring infrastructure health, security and capacity to ensure optimal network performance and organizational productivity.

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