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Business Fibre

Business Fibre

Oculus IP is one of very few service providers in South Africa that can deliver local and international internet solutions of remarkable quality. Our offering guarantees quality and stability without charging our clients extra for a higher quality or service guarantee. We are extremely confident in the Fibre Voice and Internet solution that we offer – that’s why there are no hidden clauses that justifies or defends the possibility of a client getting an inferior quality connection.

Oculus IP will deliver:

  • True 1:1 local and international connections
  • Uncapped and Unshaped Fibre Internet and Voice Service with No Fair Use Policies
  • Symmetrical Broadband Internet Service
  • From Voice only right up to 300Mb/s Internet speed

Oculus IP Business Fibre can be delivered as a voice only service or as a high speed fibre internet solution connecting several branches. We can also guarantee separate non internet based voice VLANS which means your voice service will always work – regardless if your data is being used to full capacity. With our broadband fibre solutions, we can connect all your branch offices with up to 300Mb/s inter-branch and / or Internet connectivity. This will allow you to centralise your technologies such as IP telephony, servers and even firewalls. This is a great way to reduce costs without having to reduce performance and connection quality while incresing efficiency. We have redundant internet routes and we can access all international cables which reduces the possibility of downtime and service interruption in the event of cable breaks and intermissions.

It is known that fibre has extremely delayed delivery times and many companies are still waiting for fibre connectivity in their areas. Waiting this long for a reliable service doesn’t make sense, that’s why Oculus IP will deliver a guaranteed microwave connection solution for our clients until fibre becomes available. This interim microwave service is a guaranteed product for voice and data.

We believe in getting you connected now, not later.

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