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Oculus IP – The Full Story

At Oculus IP, we have one simple mission and that’s to help our clients break free from the shackles of traditional telephony and connectivity. Our team is dedicated to delivering only the best solutions at the best possible price.

The telecommunications market is really competitive, and every service provider has something special that they claim to bring to the table. So why should you choose Oculus IP over so many other service providers? What is it that makes Oculus IP different? The answer lies in the full service we offer. In most cases, businesses have to employ many service providers for their telecommunications solutions.  At Oculus IP, we deliver all of these services as a single solution, giving you one point of call for all your telecommunications needs and support.

These services include:

  • Providing the hardware needed (PBX systems and IP Phones)
  • Network solutions
  • VOIP solutions and services
  • Internet/connectivity solutions

We have built our company on the premise that it’s much more efficient to specialise in all the elements of telecommunications solutions, instead of having to deal with multiple service providers. We prefer to design and deliver the complete solutions ourselves, in order to provide a better and more streamlined service to our valued clients.

We will always find a solution for your business, we will always deliver on service and support and we will always make sure that we can get you the best connection. That’s the Oculus IP difference.

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