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3CX Phone System by Oculus IP

3CX Phone System by Oculus IP

The 3CX Phone system by Oculus IP is the most advanced PBX system and toolset that is tailored to your needs.

With the Latest version of 3CX Phone system by Oculus IP, not only do you get a Call centre grade PBX, but Features like Wallboards, Advanced call reporting, Call recording, indexing and softphones on computers and mobile devices to only name a few.

The Basics

3CX is a software/virtual PBX designed for a Microsoft Windows environment. The fact that it is Windows based, makes setup and maintenance so much more accessible, and there is no need to create a custom Linux server to slew over. Even though a Linux version of 3CX is available, it was primarily built for windows. Because it is a Software PBX, its versatility is unmatched in the sense that it can manage ISDN lines as well as VOIP alike, even weaving these platforms seamlessly together.

Above the standard

3CX Phone system by Oculus IP is supported by most trusted IP phone manufacturers including Yealink, Snom and Polycom to name a few. What really sets 3CX apart is their own softphone clients for Windows and MacOS also mobile platforms such iOS and Android. What this means for you, is that your desk phone becomes one with your Mobile device or computer, taking your extension, presence information, company phonebook and so much more with you. It also adds functionality such as the Switchboard view and wallboard that readily displays real time information of your entire company phone status as well as call manipulation like listening  in, whispering or even barging into a call.

You also have built in call reporting so you can export data on queue performance and statistics for ultimate transparency over your staff’s performance and habits, seamlessly integrated to call records and recordings.

The only real question is: “Why haven’t you switched your business phone system to 3CX yet?”

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