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“It is with great pleasure that I recommend Stephan Botha and Oculus IP as a company.   My first involvement with Stephan Botha was in 2013, he scoped and presented a proposal for Voice over IP solution to replace a fourteen year old switchboard.  Oculus IP was rewarded this contract and subsequently our Network Solutions across all our remote locations and head office are provided and managed by Oculus IP, led by Stephan Botha.

Oculus IP was the recipient of the Fair Cape Supplier Award for Excellence in 2016, which is the highest recognition we award to any of our partners. For the past four years Oculus IP, ably lead by Stephan Botha, has proven to be one of Fair Cape’s most valuable partners and it is through Stephan’s unfailing professionalism, integrity and creativity that our partnership has grown from strength to strength.

We intend continuing our outstanding relationship with Oculus IP in planning for our future business needs as we have the utmost trust that they will continue to provide effective business solutions for Fair Cape for the foreseeable future.”

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