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Certified Installers: A higher standard of excellence

Certified Installers

At Oculus IP, our certified installers pride themselves on delivering a higher standard of excellence when it comes to the delivery and presentation of our products. When we replace or install equipment on your premises, we don’t just make sure everything works correctly; we make it our goal to do our bit to ensure that the setup looks neat, tidy and professional.

When our certified installers get down and dirty in the ceilings and shafts of your building, they perform even the most mundane task with utmost care and precision. This results in the highest standard of workmanship. In most cases, when we replace a solution that was installed by a previous service provider and need to integrate with their current setup, we are left with an untidy and messy wiring situation. We would never want to leave the impression that this is acceptable or that server cabinets just always look this way. If a setup works fine, but is in a state of chaotic presentation, finding and addressing a problem becomes a nightmare. We believe that cleanliness is just as important for efficient maintenance or support, as the quality of the solution itself.

This makes it so much easier for just about anyone to identify and locate devices if instructed by remote support. For example: if your WiFi stops working but you still get internet through your cabled network, you could give us a call and log the fault. We would then advise to reboot the WiFi device and guide you along the way. This would save the time it would have taken for a technician to come out, as well as the cost of the callout.

Our certified installers and field technicians take great pride in their workmanship, which is evident in all the projects we have done over the years. This is a standard and quality of work that we do not compromise on, in all aspects of our business.

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