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Building A Wireless Mesh Network

Building a Wireless Mesh network

WiFi has become such a necessity and we often do not even consider what goes into a proper WiFi setup. In the most elaborate cases, a Wireless mesh can be built. Most of us using WiFi at home or at the office simply think of WiFi as the area around the router with an antenna and many think that is the Hot-Spot. But the range is only so strong and with larger premises, this is where multiple access points (Hot-Spots) becomes a requirement.

Wireless DeviceSimply getting an additional wireless router will not exactly be the solution. The problem with wireless routers is that they are not aware of any additional Hot-Spots. Adding more routers will not increase your overall signal strength and you will only end up with a bunch of separate WiFi networks, each with their own names and passwords. This means that moving around your premises can become an issue as you could move closer to one Hot-Spot, but you are still connected to a further one. Because there is no communication between the hotspots themselves, you won’t just hop to the stronger signal until you have actually completely lost connection to the current one. This is far from ideal.

Access PointWhat building a WiFi mesh means is that you have multiple access points – all connected and hosting a single WiFi network. These access points all communicate with each other and negotiate handing users over to more favourable access points as they move around the premises. Because these devices all work in unison, a server is usually used as the manager or centre point to control the entire network and all devices. Depending on the layout of the premises, all the access points can be connected via cables to a switch. In some cases, this may not be possible especially when there are multiple buildings on a site.

Depending on range, these access points can also latch to each other wirelessly, linking physical networks. You can even choose to latch all of your access points wirelessly, cutting down on cables laid around the premises. This is typically known as a wireless mesh.

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