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“Good Deal” Or “Premium Service”

“Good Deal” or “Premium Service”

Moving your business to the cloud, like so many other companies are doing, makes a lot of sense. You will have to decide if you are going for a good deal, or are you going to make the smarter investment and go with a premium service provider. Initially, a “good deal” does sound great, but a “good deal” is only as good as the service you will be receiving. Buying cheap will not guarantee that your company enjoys the very best quality, reliability and maintenance service level of your bandwidth connection and equipment. This you can only get by opting for a service provider that prides itself on providing a reliable, premium service.

You want your cloud service to work, and more importantly, you want it to work well without spending countless hours waiting for synchronization and buffering. Leasing top of the line equipment and making it work hard for your business is so much more viable than buying and owning the expensive equipment yourself. Obviously, it is taxing for the equipment to maintain a very high level of performance consistently. Furthermore, cloud services can only work if you are properly connected. A quality service can only be provided over a quality vehicle. Every 50Mb connection is not the same. There is a huge difference between a cheap contended connection and a quality business connection offered by Oculus IP.

Going for the cheap connection instead of the best connection, doesn’t do your business any favors. Your business needs the best connection and service to be a productive, well-oiled machine. Don’t let a sub-par, cheap connection lead to the detriment of your business – get connected with the best, and get the best results, the kind of results your business needs and deserves.

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