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What Makes Oculus IP A Superior Service Provider?

What makes Oculus IP a superior service provider?

The telecommunications market is really competitive, and every service provider has something special that they claim to bring to the table. So why should you choose Oculus IP over so many other service providers? What is it that makes Oculus IP different? Well, let’s take the following scenario as an example: You’ve decided that you’re interested in buying a Voice Over IP phone system, but there’s a lot to consider before making a decision. First and foremost, you will need a PBX and some IP phones, which is often provided by one company.  Secondly, you need to connect them to each other via a network, usually run by an IT company. Then, you need a VOIP service provider as well as an internet connection for your voice and data usage which adds another two service providers to the mix.  At Oculus IP, we deliver all of these services as a single solution, giving you one point of call for all your telecommunications needs and support.

We have built our company on the premise that it’s much more efficient to specialise in all the elements of telecommunications solutions, instead of having to deal with multiple service providers. We prefer to design and deliver the complete solutions ourselves, in order to provide a better and more streamlined service to our valued clients. This doesn’t necessarily mean that we have to be the service provider for all elements; it simply suggests that we are not reliant on other companies for parts of the whole solution. Because of this, we are currently the first Platinum Advanced Certified 3CX partner in South Africa. We have 9 certified technicians who are trained from basic to advanced levels.

We also have an extensive Mikrotik, Ubiquiti, Cambium and Cisco certification footprint to name only a few, granting us with extensive knowledge in next-level networking. This helped us to build a TOP TIER wireless network spanning across most of the Western Cape, a competitive VOIP backbone, as well as Wifi Mesh infrastructures and Fibre connectivity. If Fibre is not available in your area yet, we will connect you with Fibre grade Wireless connectivity until Fiber becomes available.  We will always find a solution, we will always deliver on service and support and we will always make sure that we can get you the best connection – and that’s the Oculus IP difference.

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