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Safety & Fall Arrest – Technical Installations

Safety & Fall Arrest – Technical Installations

At Oculus IP, we believe in installing quickly and neatly, but more importantly, we believe that it should be done safely. This is why all Oculus IP field technicians are fully trained and qualified in rope access safety and fall arrest training. Fall arrest allows technicians to access more locations on a site.

Sometimes guardrails will prevent technicians from performing tasks in hard to reach places. Although accessing these locations can be potentially dangerous, it is important for a technician to be able to reach these areas in some cases. If a technician needs to access a dangerous area, this is all the more reason that it is helpful for them to have protection in the event that they experience a fall.

In compliance with the occupational health and safety act, we also have various staff members in the office as well as in the field who are trained in first aid that can assist should anything ever go wrong.

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